Hey folks, friends, peers, and curious onlookers. Bamff here with a big surprise.

We’ve spent the first part of the year dreaming and scheming about the future of Bamff, and we intuitively decided a name change was in order. While fun, curious, and quirky, “Bamff” diverged from the beliefs and values we’ve fostered along our 5-year journey of running a creative company. Plus, we keep getting emails from people asking when the Banff gondola opens. 

So, welcome to Public Eye. 

The name came about when we reflected on the ‘why’ of our work. Why do we do this? To help others clarify, transform, and be seen.

We’ve always felt that once our work enters the public space, it’s subject to the type of scrutiny that is – frankly – out of our control. We can’t be there to explain our decisions to every consumer or customer; it just has to work. And for us, it usually does. Time and time again, we’ve seen the impact of our efforts, helping an organization with a brand and then seeing it flourish and thrive beyond our expectations. 

Public Eye represents an awareness that our creative work is built for observation and admiration, and that belief yields work that’s worthy of sharing with the world.

We’re still the same team, now with a new look, a new website, and some fresh case studies that we’ve launched as of late. For now, we’re in the spotlight, but soon enough we’ll return to the background, helping others step into view.